Why do Bridges Fail?

Following the collapse of the Florida International University bridge, this blog asks the general question of why bridges falls down.

The Malahide Viaduct Collapse

This blog examines the role played in the collapse by corporate memory loss.

Quebec Bridge Collapse

For those who missed our podcast on the Quebec Bridge collapse, this blog revisits some of the key aspects.

The Forensic Engineering Process

A must read for legal teams - exploring the Forensic Engineering Process used by investigators.

Top 5 Types of Evidence in Collapse Investigations

What are the five types of physical evidence you should be collecting in the aftermath of a collapse?

Boston Big Dig Tunnel

The story of how epoxy adhesive anchors failed and tunnel ceiling panels collapsed.

Organ Donor Rates & Engineering Failure

The surprising  insight organ donation rates can give us about decision making.

The First 3 Steps After a Construction Failure

Time is critical after a collapse. Here are the first three technical steps that should be taken.

The Virgin Galactic Failure

Lessons from the Virgin Galactic crash. The cross over between poor design and human error.

The Westgate Bridge Collapse

The bridge collapse that killed 35, and the creeping barrage of poor decisions that lead to the failure.

De Grolsch Veste Stadium Collapse

The role of too much trust in making people complacent, and how it knocked a stadium down.

The Human Price of Engineering Failure

The story of the survivors, the rescuers and the engineers in the Hyatt Regency Collapse.

Why You'd Engage A Forensic Engineer in Construction Disputes

The differences between a good designer and a good forensic engineer.