Brady Review of All Fatal Accidents in Queensland Mines
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, December 2019
Review of fatal accidents from 2000 to 2019.
Matter of Interpretation
Safeguard Issue 181
The Roles of Technical Engineering Experts in Construction Disputes
Construction Law International, June 2016
A guide for legal teams engaging technical experts on disputes.
Brooklyn Bridge – Tragedy Overcome (Part 1)
The Structural Engineer, March 2015
The incredible story of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge – Tragedy Overcome (Part 2)
The Structural Engineer, April 2015
How Emily Warren Roebling defied the odds to see the project to completion.
Citicorp Centre Tower
The Structural Engineer, February 2014
The Citicorp Tower Crisis – how failure was averted.
Failure Investigations and the Forensic Process (Part 1)
The Structural Engineer, December 2013
The differences between a good designer and a good forensic engineer.
Failure Investigations and the Forensic Process (Part 2)
The Structural Engineer, January 2014
The key to a forensically sound investigation.
Hartford Stadium Collapse
The Structural Engineer, August 2015
Why software should never be more than a tool to be used wisely.
How Engineers Learn from Failure
The Structural Engineer, October 2015
How engineers learn from failure – frustration is the key.
Human Fallibility and Automation
The Structural Engineer, September 2015
Lessons from the Virgin Galactic crash – was it human error?
Hyatt Regency – The Price of Human Failure
The Structural Engineer, May 2015
The story of the survivors, the rescuers and the engineers.
Implicit Assumptions
The Structural Engineer, January 2015
Implicit assumptions and their role in bad judgement.
Lessons from the Malahide Viaduct Collapse
The Structural Engineer, July 2013
How corporate memory loss led to the collapse of the Malahide Viaduct.
Near-misses and Failure (Part 1)
The Structural Engineer, August 2013
The role of near misses in failure and prevention